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State Subsidy/Incentive

State Subsidy/Incentive


Capital Investment Subsidy, Interest Subsidy, Power Subsidy, Waiver of Electricity Duty, Refund of Stamp Duty, VAT/CST and other incentives given by the government of W Bengal under current and previous schemes:


Scheme 1  West Bengal Incentive Scheme 2013 for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises as modified up to 22.05.15.

Scheme 2 West Bengal State Support for Industries Scheme 2013 as amended up to 12.09.2014 (Applicable for Large Scale Industries)

Scheme 3 West Bengal Incentive Scheme 2013 for MSMEs in Textile Sector

Scheme 4 West Bengal Incentive Scheme 2015 for Tourism Unit (For Micro, Small, Medium & Large Enterprises)

Scheme 5 West Bengal ICT Incentive Scheme 2012 for IT Units

Scheme 6 West Bengal Industrial Promotion (Assistance to Industrial Units) Scheme 2010 (IPA)

Scheme 7 Special Rate of Electricity Duty @5% instead of 15% on electric furnace